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MAR 2018

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SPONSORED CONTENT EMSWORLD.com | MARCH 2018 53 As the risk to the public increases, Emergency Medical Service professionals are evolving to effectively respond to the next threat. Tactical Medical Solutions® works hand in hand with major EMS agencies all over the world. We combine our experience with theirs to create seamless equipment as well as consulting and training solutions designed to meet current and future threats. These solutions range from the paramedic on the street to the warm zone response of a major metropolitan agency. WWW.TACMEDSOLUTIONS.COM TOLL FREE/ 1-888-822-6331 INFO@TACMEDSOLUTIONS.COM Solutions that work, every single time. ACTIVE SHOOTERS. TERROR ATTACKS. NATURAL DISASTERS. THE OPIOID CRISIS. SOF ® TACTICAL TOURNIQUET - WIDE RESCUE TASK FORCE LITTER TACMED ™ WARM ZONE KIT Even on the sweltering afternoons of a Texas summer, hypothermia can pose a threat to trauma victims. That's a function of both injury severity and environmental factors (for instance, being hurt in a briskly cooled building), and optimal patient man- agement requires limiting that heat loss. That need was on the minds of Har- ris County emergency leaders when they became the first in Texas to carry fresh plas- ma and packed red blood cells to transfuse patients in the field. "We know trauma patients need to stay warm and we need to watch for hypother- mia," says Eric Bank, assistant chief of EMS for Harris County Emergency Services Dis- trict 48 in the Houston area. "People look at me like I'm crazy when I say that, because we're in southeast Texas, where it's 75ºF in February. But with air-conditioned environ- ments and their loss of blood volume, we have to keep them warm, which means being able to warm the blood before we give it." For that they chose the buddy lite AC from Belmont Instrument Corp. The buddy lite is a portable blood and fluid warmer originally developed for the military. The device's rug- ged construction, light weight (1.6 lbs.), and compact size well-suit it for EMS work too, in both the air and now the field. "It's very simple to use—there aren't a whole lot of controls to it," says Bank. "The system is easy to prime and easy to transfer over. Neither the device itself nor the exten- sion set is overly heavy. It's very safe; it's not going to overheat the fluid, and because it's sealed, there's not a big chance of cross- contamination." Additional features include close-to-patient warming (with less than six inches of tubing between the heater and cannulation site) and automatic air removal (the buddy lite disposable has a micropo- rous membrane that vents air through the side while allowing fluid through). Texas responders envisioned using the system primarily on trauma patients. But medical patients have benefited from the advance as well. "Going back and looking at the numbers, it's been probably 4-to-1 medi- cal to trauma patients," says Bank. "That's been an unexpected benefit." Visit www.belmontinstrument.com Circle 21 on Product Information Card Warm Blood Products in the Field For More Information Circle 34 on Reader Service Card

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