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MAR 2018

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PRODUCT APPLICATIONS FROM THE FIELD SPONSORED CONTENT 52 MARCH 2018 | EMSWORLD.com R E S P O N D E R S ' F I R S T C H O I C E For more information call 800.558.6765 or visit GrahamMedical.com MegaMover ® Portable Transport Units Go Wh ere S tretcher s Can ' t Sanitarty and disposable –if it gets soiled, just throw it away Flexible, compact, and cost effective Multi-position handles for added safety and comfort Durable design holds up to 1,000 lbs. A variety of styles are available, meeting your needs in any situation • • • • • Finding human-like simulators that real- istically mimic the gory details of real-life trauma is no easy feat, whether they be manikins or living role players with moulage. "The problem with both of those is that they don't come close to the feeling of work- ing on a real human patient," says Spencer Guinn, MD, a certified law enforcement officer and the medical director and tac- tical medic for the Arkansas State Police and Jonesboro (Ark.) SWAT teams. "On a dummy, the students have to be told a num- ber of things about the patient—he's having difficulty breathing, he's confused, etc.—plus the dummies tend to be hard plastic that doesn't feel realistic. Meanwhile, role play- ers play their parts with varying degrees of success." Finding a simulator that's realistic in all respects has been a mission for Guinn. Recently he found it: Innovative Tactical Training Solutions' TOMManikin. Not only does the TOMManikin have the look, heft, and feel of actual human trauma patients (in both female and male versions), but it can be fitted with appendages that accu- rately simulate injuries like gunshot wounds, severed limbs, and blast and burn damage. "We first used the TOMManikin in a law enforcement and first responder Tactical Emergency Casualty Care class in January 2018," says Guinn. The TOMManikin, with its onboard 1.2-gallon reservoir of simu- lated blood, is extremely realistic, he says. Bleeding control, bowel evisceration, needle decompression, and chest rise and fall are extremely lifelike, Guinn says. The instructor can even "speak" through the TOMM. "With the TOMM, they have the closest thing to a human they can get in training," says Guinn. Visit www.tommanikin.com Circle 37 on Product Information Card Realistic Trauma Simulation for EMT Training For More Information Circle 33 on Reader Service Card

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