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MAR 2018

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PRODUCT APPLICATIONS FROM THE FIELD SPONSORED CONTENT 48 MARCH 2018 | EMSWORLD.com Back injuries are almost inevitable as an EMS provider. That's why Stryker EMS ambulance cots are among the most sought-after in the industry—their battery-powered hydraulic system helps do the heavy lifting and lowering for you. "There's no better way to show your employees you care about them than when you invest in products that reduce their risk of injury," says Brian Anderson, general manager of Community Ambulance in Hen- derson, Nev. The Stryker Power-PRO XT cot can be raised and lowered simply by the touch of a button. It includes an easy-to-use manual backup system and a retractable head section that allows providers to easily navi- gate through tight spaces. Anderson says his company has used Stryker Power-PRO XT cots exclusively since their start in 2010. He and his col- leagues had experience with different cot brands with companies they'd worked for previously and decided to choose Stryker "due to what we felt was a significant advantage in quality, customer support, and inno- vation," says Anderson. The Power-PRO also features a SMRT battery kit, steer-lock and automatic high-speed retract capabilities, and XPS (Expanded Patient Surface) side rails, something Anderson and his crew say makes the cot "more versatile" and "more comfortable and safe for the patient." In 2016 Community Ambulance added to its fleet the Power-LOAD cot fastener system, which supports the cot through the loading and unload- ing process, reducing strain on the provider's spine and minimizing patient drops. It offers wireless communication with the Power-PRO cot and meets crash-test standards when used in conjunction with Power-LOAD. "We recognize the Stryker Power-PRO and Power-LOAD as signifi- cant contributors to our low employee injury rate and high employee job satisfaction," says Anderson, noting how the safer tools have improved employee recruitment and retention. Anderson highly recommends Stryker cots to other agencies, saying apart from the products' high quality, Stryker strives to establish relation- ships with its customers. "Stryker has been there to help us in multiple situations pertaining to training our employees, expediting repairs, overnighting parts, providing loaners, and just being a great partner to us as a company," he says. "Make an investment in your employees by using the Power cots, increase the comfort and safety of your patient by upgrading to the XPS, and invest in the Power-LOAD technology as a game-changer for your agency," says Anderson. "You won't regret it." Visit www.stryker.com Circle 13 on the Product Information Card Powered Stretchers Show Providers You Care Summer 2017, Jalalabad, Afghanistan. A soldier steps on a land mine, destroying his leg. As he slips into shock, vaso- constriction raises the difficulty of getting him the fluids he desperately needs. Fortunately his colleagues are equipped: They use Veinlite's EMS PRO vein-finder and access device to quickly locate a usable vein and begin needed treatment. "We were able to use his nonaffected leg," recalls Billy Barnett, a 25-year com- bat medic and civilian nurse who was on scene that day as a reservist. "Instead of doing an IO and going into the bone, we were able to find a vein on his other leg and start getting fluid to it." That quick capability certain- ly made believers out of some military members, and back in the States, where Barnett owns Tennessee-based BLUF Con- sulting Medical Logistical and Training, Veinlite products are similarly popular among civil- ian and other rescuers. "I get great feedback" on the Veinlite product, says Barnett. "It can speed up the process of starting IVs by a good 20 seconds. Instead of having to put a tourniquet on, you can go ahead and use that IV finder to find a vein. You push down on the vein with the light, and that acts like a tourniquet, and then you can stick it. So it's cut down on the time very much." Savings of around 20 seconds a stick comes from preliminary military data Barnett collected toward a research paper. Veinlite's venipuncture/IV-access vein-finder products provide fast, easy vein access for medical professionals of all stripes. Portable models include the EMS PRO, new Veinlite LED+, and Veinlite PEDI for neonates. Suitable for use in pre- hospital and other austere conditions, the EMS PRO offers easy one-button operation and an innovative integrated white exam light for use anywhere. It comes with 50 disposable plastic cov- ers, a light shield, a pediatric adapter, and two AA batteries. Rapid IV access isn't the only benefit, Barnett notes. A naval detachment he trained last year in Florida began using the devices for simple blood draws. "They were using it to find veins to draw blood, and I'd never even thought of that," Barnett says. "They were having great success, so they went ahead and bought some just for that purpose. Besides starting IVs, they used it for phlebotomy." Visit www.veinlite.com Circle 32 on the Product Information Card When You Need a Vein Fast

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