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MAR 2018

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I n the first parts of this series, we exam- ined the Broselow-Luten and Handevy systems for pediatric patient care. Both systems utilize a variety of approaches to providing crucial information in critical sit- uations. Both aim to increase patient safety, enhance treatment speed and effective- ness, and heighten provider confidence by reducing stress, confusion, and uncertainty. Pocket reminders, wall posters, and tapes for carts are great and have undoubtedly made a huge difference in the care we pro- vide. But, as they say, what have you done for us lately? How do we keep up with the present, let alone prepare for the future? You don't need a crystal ball to see the future of prehospital and hospital-based pediatric emergency care—just point and click. The availability of electronic devices might seem overwhelming, but we need to recognize this simple fact: The answers are all there. And you don't need much informa- tion (data) to start with—an age, a color code, a vial of medication. Whatever you have, just enter and click. Fear not, the future is here. There's an App for That Both the Broselow-Luten and Handtevy sys- tems are actively addressing the move to a more digital world. Whether on a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone or tablet device, an incredible amount of information is now available at your fingertips. And it's available as quickly as you can enter some very basic data. (Making these applications even better is that they are being integrated into electronic medical record systems!) As an added benefit, the electronic ver- sions of the measuring tapes are custom- izable to a specific EMS system's or hos- pital's formulary. Most of the time you're only working with a single concentration or preparation of a medication. If the electronic system already knows this, cumbersome By Scott DeBoer, RN, MSN, CPEN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, EMT-P; Emily Dawson, MD; Lisa DeBoer; Julie Bacon, MSN-HCSM, RNC-LRN, NE-BC, CPN, CPEN, C-NPT; and Michael Seaver, RN, BA This is the last in a three-part series. Apps and other aids can simplify and streamline the emergency care of kids 42 MARCH 2018 | EMSWORLD.com The Evolution of Excellence in Pediatric Emergency Care PART 3: WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS

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