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MAR 2018

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EMSWORLD.com | MARCH 2018 33 academic, mental health, businesses, com- munity, law enforcement, and government entities recognize and disrupt potential active shooters who may be on a trajectory toward violence. The Bureau also continues its research to identify indicators that could signal potential violent intent." 4 Following the devastating 2012 New- town, Conn., school shootings, the FBI partnered with the Advanced Law Enforce- ment Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) program, originally developed and unveiled in Texas. At this time their program has trained more than 114,000 law enforce- ment first responders, and many depart- ments have adopted it as a standard for active-shooter scenarios. A quick visit to the FBI's active-shooter resources page will provide your ESO with a list of quality documents: sample plans and operations (many in both English and Spanish), partner agency links and refer- ence guides, lists of all active-shooting incidents to date, law enforcement bul- letins, quick-reference guides and more. This website is also a great resource for learning to better prepare your commu- nity for an active-shooter event. It offers emergency plan development tips for a variety of public entities, including edu- cational institutions, houses of worship, and healthcare facilities. In addition the FBI of fers the Law Enforcement Enterprise Por tal (LEEP, https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/leep), "an important element in the effort to provide access to tools and resources for law enforcement, intelligence, and crimi- nal justice communities by using sign-on technology. A primary LEEP component—the Law Enforcement Online (LEO) website—offers a variety of active-shooter materials for law enforcement agencies and other first responders to help ensure preparedness for these types of events, including cri- sis resources, law enforcement training, assistance on dealing with victims, and a directory of FBI field offices." This resource, which can be directly accessed with a log-in and password from the active-shooter response website page, is a high-level government information system that offers virtual command cen- ters, nationwide criminal justice records, global cybercomplaint data, counterter- rorism threat tracking, and intelligence centers, among many other valuable items. Promising Security Measures Schools are among our communities' most vulnerable targets. It makes sense for EMS to work with them to help pre- pare for violent incidents. EMS should be integrated into school-safety plans and have access to school maps, leaders, and emergency plans. Together, the U.S. Army and Department of Homeland Security have developed an active-shooter training program for SHOOTING Are you prepared for a where you live? Massive Hemorrhage TMT™ Tourniquet Sentinel ® Chest Trauma Kit Celox™ Rapid iT ® Clamp marchmedicalgear.com Airway Respiration Circulation Head & Hypothermia The Clark County Coroner's report shows that the 58 deaths were due to a diversity of gunshot wounds. Even with the heroic efforts of the Las Vegas initial and first responders, not all gunshot wounds are survivable. With the right intervention, fatalities can be reduced. First responders and the general public must be prepared with a diversi- ty of innovative products to treat every wound as close to the point of injury as possible. At Combat Medical, we are driven in our MARCH to Zero — the goal to eliminate preventable deaths. The MARCH Medical Gear system, which targets the leading causes of preventable death from traumatic injury is being adopted by military, EMS, fire and law enforcement agencies worldwide. When seconds count, it is imperative that skilled and non-medi- cally skilled personnel have the ability to apply the right intervention at the right time. 1 Leg 3 Neck 15 Back 18 Head 21 Chest STYLE For More Information Circle 25 on Reader Service Card

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