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MAR 2018

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32 MARCH 2018 | EMSWORLD.com BONUS CONTENT: MCI AND TRAUMA cal components of being as prepared as possible for an active-shooting situation. Especially in such an emotional scenario, it is important to depend on prior prepara- tion to keep a level head. Carefully designed plans are well worth the effort, and regular risk assessment checks will help you to: • Identify any areas of vulnerability with- in your organization and community and recommend ways to reduce them; • Supply the latest information, tips, and training methods to all ESO members; • Develop partnerships with public enti- ties that may provide mutual benefit in the event of a crisis, and seek to strengthen existing relationships, especially with local law enforce- ment. Effective partnerships in this area can be critical during any sort of hostile event; • Conduct regular public education ses- sions throughout your community to help inform citizens of important pro- tocols, changes in procedures, and new safety policies; • Stay abreast of the latest safety and training technologies. Become a life- long learner in this area, as innovations are almost constant; • Further investigate best practices for using existing conventional equipment to manage crisis events. Think about what additional equipment would bet- ter prepare you and how to obtain it; and • Set dates to regularly evaluate, update, and upgrade crisis-response plans. There are many ways to gather samples of quality risk assessments and safety plans, and it is important to source your materials from quality entities. Law Enforcement Resources The Federal Bureau of Investigation's web- site (fbi.gov) provides an extensive list of active-shooter resources. As stated on their page: "The FBI provides operational, behav- iorally based threat assessment and threat management services to help detect and prevent acts of targeted violence, helping Continually updating your response plan will help keep your agency prepared for the unpredictable. (Photos: LSU/NCBRT) Develop partnerships with public entities that may provide mutual benefit in a crisis, and seek to strengthen existing relationships, especially with local law enforcement.

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