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MAR 2018

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EMSWORLD.com | MARCH 2018 31 H ere's a shocking fact: In the U.S., there was approximately one mass shooting per day in 2017. 1 Mass shooting is defined by Con- gress as three or more killings in a single incident. 1 These horrific events happen more than we realize, and it is critically important to properly prepare for them. Since 2000 the number of active-shooter incidents has steadily risen. 2 These events seem almost unbelievable, and it's easy to think one will never actually happen in your community. But the undeniable truth is that they can, at any time, and we must address them as if they will. Does your emergency service organiza- tion have specific plans in place for dealing with something of this magnitude? Does it regularly evaluate them for potential updates and improvements? Has it taken the time to partner with other public enti- ties to take everyone's preparedness to the next level? As active-killer, armed terrorism, and other hostile events occur, preparedness can mean the difference between life and death. New Standards The National Fire Protection Association has proposed a national standard on prepared- ness and response to active-shooter situa- tions designed specifically to assist emer- gency service organizations with important training, protocols, and personal protective equipment. You can review the document online and suggest changes or additions while it's still in draft form; see NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events at https://w w w.nfpa.org /codes-and-stan dards/all-codes-and-standards/list-of- codes-and-standards/detail?code=3000. A number of issues related to this topic warrant members of the fire and EMS communities to provide input. The stan- dard "provides the minimum criteria for the level of competence required for respond- ers organizing, managing, and sustaining an active-shooter and/or hostile event pre- paredness and response program based on the authority having jurisdiction's (AHJ) function and assessed level of risk." 3 As this document reaches completion, it may provide critical new support for ESOs dealing with the unthinkable. Perhaps you have something important to add to the conversation? Importance of Assessment Thorough planning and evaluation are criti- Active-Shooter RESPONSE: By Don Cox, MS, CFO, CTO, EFO Law enforcement and others offer resources that can benefit EMS Tools for Better Preparedness

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