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MAR 2018

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30 MARCH 2018 | EMSWORLD.com the instructors assessing the participants' actions during the drill. Meanwhile, the same chemical sub- stance left at the gas station was leaking from the back of the van, but the hazmat crew was busy handling the initial spill. The officers' next moves depended par- tially on the resources tied up at the first incident. Officers couldn't advance on the suspect without clearance from the hazmat crew regarding the second chemical spill, McPartland explained, and there was a potential need for medical aid from EMS in the event of injury during the shootout. McPartland says the instructors observe the decisions made during these road- blocks in the drill so they can offer construc- tive criticism in class the next day. "Divvying up resources isn't easy for a lot of organizations to do," says McPartland. "They train specifically for one issue, so we're just trying to get them to think about the worst-case scenario." The worst-case scenario certainly got worse: The hostage came into contact with the chemical spill and began convulsing on the ground, though he continued engag- ing in the shootout with officers until the effects of the chemical rendered him too disabled. The officers decided to call in SWAT members for assistance since they have basic hazmat training and could approach the van with the protection of their BearCat (Lenco's Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck). The team slowly moved in on the suspect, ordering him to drop his weapon. "They know enough to protect them- selves and still do their level of work, but it has to be done safely and quickly to miti- gate and get out," says McPartland. "That's the idea with [agency] integration." The SWAT team apprehended both sus - pects and inspected the inside of the van, which contained explosives. Such details are not provided to participants ahead of time, encouraging them to think on their feet. Utilizing the convenience of modern technology, the crews decided to send a drone to investigate the bombs more close- ly and direct a remote-controlled robot to test a sample of the leaking agent. This allowed participants to assess the scene from a safe distance. "They have the ability to gather intel about all of this and send it back in real time" to the command post, says McPart- land. "They don't have to bring in a bomb technician." After the van scene was cleared of all hazards, the SWAT crew successfully took down the active shooter during the last inci- dent, and EMS crews treated his victims. Participating agencies then convened for a debriefing, discussing their shortfalls and achievements in the drill and what partici- pants thought they could improve in the event of a real mass-casualty incident. "Work smarter, not harder," McPartland says. To participate in upcoming LSU courses, visit www.ncbrt.lsu.edu/courses. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Valerie Amato is assistant editor at EMS World. Reach her at vamato@emsworld.com. PCRF SALUTES OUR SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: Visit prehospitalcare.org to learn more and submit your abstract by April 30, 2018. Questions? E-mail pcrf@mednet.ucla.edu. Are you a student or EMS provider who is new to research and looking for feedback from leaders in the field? We are looking to develop the next generation of EMS researchers who will be par t of the evolution of EMS. Do you have EMS research to share? Researchers who submit the top clinical abstracts receive a complimentar y registration to EMS World Expo in Nashville, TN October 29—November 2, 2018 and will be invited to present their abstracts at the International Scientific Symposium. Abstracts are indexed and published in EMS World. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Using science to advance EMS practice Submit your research for the 2nd Annual INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC EMS SYMPOSIUM , to be held at EMS World Expo 2018, facilitated by the Prehospital Care Research Forum at UCLA. AT COVER REPORT: MCI TRAINING

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