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36 JANUARY 2018 | EMSWORLD.com SPECIAL FOCUS: PEDIATRICS AND AIRWAY MANAGEMENT stuff doesn't expand like outside stuff does. In the Broselow-Luten system, many EMS agencies and EDs use patient age or weight to estimate the color zone for medication preparation and equipment selection in advance. The estimation should be con- firmed on arrival by a measurement with the Broselow tape. Translating the Tape Don't be caught off guard by the termi- nology on the tape. Information without understanding is meaningless. If you see the term ET insertion length or lip to tip, you need to know this tells you where to tape the ET tube. Remember that Foley is a trade name, and the generic term is urinary catheter. If you see the reference to volume expansion crystalloid: NS or LR, you should equate that to what we might call a fluid bolus. Bottom line: You have to know what it's called in order to find it. In stressful pediatric emergencies, pro- fessionals can simply start with "red to the head" and then measure head to heels; by doing so they'll quickly determine the color that reveals the ideal body weight and find crucial pieces of information. In some parts of the country, medics are taking that concept one step further and now include the Broselow-Luten color as part of their radio report to the ER. That way the ER staff can be better prepared for the patient's arrival. Once the color is determined by EMS, they can grab the color-coded pediatric crash cart, open the appropriate drawer, and have anticipated equipment and medication calculations (in mg and mL) ready and waiting when the child hits the door. In the second part of this series, we'll take a look at another system for dealing with the stress and potential confusion related to pediatric emergency care: the Handtevy system. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Scott DeBoer, RN, MSN, CPEN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, EMT-P, is an international pediatric seminar leader and nurse consultant with more than 25 years of nursing experience. He retired from flight nursing in 2015 following more than 20 years with the University of Chicago Hospitals' UCAN flight team. He is the founder and primary seminar leader for Pedi-Ed-Trics Emergency Medical Solutions. Emily Dawson, MD, is a pediatric emergency medicine and critical care attending physician at Advocate Children's Hospital, Oak Lawn, Ill. Lisa DeBoer is president and cofounder of Pedi-Ed- Trics Emergency Medical Solutions. Julie Bacon, MSN-HCSM, RNC-LRN, NE-BC, CPN, CPEN, C-NPT, has more than 25 years of experience in emergency transport medicine, with expertise in pediatric and neonatal transport and critical care. She is program manager and chief flight nurse for Johns Hopkins All Children's Life Line, St. Petersburg, Fla. Michael Seaver, RN, BA, is a healthcare informatics consultant based in Chicago. 888-458-6546 3121 Millers Lane Louisville, KY 40216 Tel: 502-775-8303 Fax: 502-772-0548 S A F E T Y A P P L I A N C E C O M P A N Y www.junkinsafety.com PROUDLY MANUFAC TURED IN THE USA 300 Series Lightweight Basket-Type Stretchers JSA-300-W without Leg Divider JSA-333-A Stretcher Kit Kit includes JSA-300 series stretcher, bridle sling and two safety blankets. Without accessories, order JSA-300-A Lightweight Basket-Type Stretcher only. JSA-300 with Leg Divider PREVENT MESSY BODILY FLUID CLEAN UPS. (A) Extra Wide Opening. 6" wide, rigid collar makes it easy to use, even with one hand. (B) Won't Leak or Spill. Inner-valve seals contents and odors in. Won't leak even if dropped. (C) Hand Protection. Outer sleeve protects against infectious splatter. Helps Comply with OSHA 29 CFR. Isolates Bloodborne Pathogens, in bloody body fluids. Disposable. No messy, contaminated clean ups. Made in U.S.A. for over 25 yrs. This is how we ensure our high quality standards, and customer satisfaction. CONVENIENCE BAG BRAND TM For a free sample contact: GKR Industries, Inc., 13653 S. Kenton Ave., Crestwood, IL 60445 or call 800 -526-7879 www.GKRindustries.com For Vomit and Urine Collection A C B O v e r 2 5 M i l l i o n S o l d For More Information Circle 30 on Reader Service Card For More Information Circle 31 on Reader Service Card

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