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AUG 2016

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56 AUGUST 2016 | EMSWORLD.com develop and implement a plan to handle the demands this upsurge will place on your agency. Such a plan should include: » Understanding how the aging population will impact the operational aspects of your EMS system. Plan accordingly with analysis of what time of day these calls typically occur, the most common treatment modalities/interventions needed, and whether staffing patterns should change to reflect these realities. Your dispatch center should have this information available. Additionally, your state EMS office could potentially provide statistics regarding geriatric use of EMS for both your agency and your state. » Spearheading a group of stakeholders. Con- sider local hospitals, public health agencies, assisted living facilities and anyone else with an interest in delivering services to the geriatric population. This group should be proactive in understanding the grow- ing population and needs of the geriatric, informing governmental decision-makers about these changes, ensuring services are in place for these patients, and educating geriatrics on what services are available as well as when to call 9-1-1. Conclusion There is clearly a silver tsunami coming. By 2030, the number of older Americans will double to 72.1 million. These geriatric patients will utilize your services for a variety of calls that require unique communication and training. This population will also have social services needs that could potentially be unrealized and, com- bined with the aforementioned increase in elder abuse, will challenge your EMS agency like never before. Be proactive in understanding these elements and how this population will impact your EMS system, or you will get hit by the tsunami. R E F E R E N C E S 1. Administration for Community Living. Administration on Aging (AoA): Aging Statistics, www.aoa.acl.gov/Aging_Statistics/index.aspx. 2. Snyder DR, Christmas D (eds.). Rate of Aging and Older People and the Health Care System, 2003 Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services. 3. Blanda M. Geriatric Trauma: Current Problems, Future Directions. www. saem.org/download/02blanda.pdf. 4. Peterson LN, Fairbanks RJ, Hettinger AZ, Shah MN. EMS attitudes towards geriatric prehospital care and continuing medical education in geriatrics. J Am Geriatr Soc, 2009 Mar; 57(3): 530–5. 5. Platts-Mills TF, Leacock B, Cabanas JG, Shofer FS, McLean SA. Emergency medical services use by the elderly: analysis of a statewide database. Prehosp Emerg Care, 2010 Jul–Sep; 14(3): 329–33. 6. Hannan EL, Waller CH, Farrell LS, Rosati C. Elderly trauma inpatients in New York state: 1994–1998. J Trauma, 2004 Jun; 56(6): 1,297–304. 7. Bonnie RJ, Wallace RB, eds. Elder Mistreatment: Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation in Aging America. National Academies Press, www.nap.edu/ read/10406/chapter/1#ii. 8. Statistic Brain. Elderly Abuse Statistics, www.statisticbrain.com/elderly- abuse-statistics/. 9. National Center on Elder Abuse. Statistics/Data, www.ncea.aoa.gov/ Library/Data/index.aspx. 10. Ayers CR, Iqbal Y, Strickland K. Medical conditions in geriatric hoarding disorder patients. Aging Ment Health, 2014 Mar; 18(2): 148–51. 11. Samuels JF, Bienvenu OJ, Grados MA, et al. Prevalence and correlates of hoarding behavior in a community-based sample. Behav Res Ther, 2008 Jul; 46(7): 836–44. 12. Kim HJ, Steketee G, Frost RO. Hoarding by elderly people. Health Soc Work, 2001 Aug; 26(3): 176–84. A B O U T T H E A U T H O R Raphael M. Barishansky, MPH, MS, CPM, is a solutions-driven consultant working with EMS agencies, emergency management and public health organizations on complex issues including leadership development, strategic planning, policy implementation and regulatory compliance. A frequent contributor to and editorial advisory board member for EMS World, he can be reached at rbarishansky@gmail.com. ADVERTISERS' INDEX FEATURED SPEAKER EMSWorldExpo.com COMPANY PAGE INQ # Airon Corporation 14 43 Bound Tree Medical, LLC 5 12 Bound Tree Medical, LLC 19 30 Bound Tree Medical, LLC 59 40 BURL Concepts, Inc. 18 20 CompX Security Products 38 31 Deployed Logix 29 23 EMP, Inc. 40 33 EMS Store 12 EMS World EXPO 44-45 Everglades University 49 38 Excellance 9 15 Excellance 29 26 Firehouse Expo 15 GD 3 11 ImageTrend Inc. 41 34 Junkin Safety Appliance Co. 28 42 Lenoir Community College 39 32 Masimo Corporation 11 16 COMPANY PAGE INQ # Minto Research and Development 25 22 Monumedical, LLC 17 19 NAEMT 8 14 Nasco 29 24 Nasco 42 35 O2Amp: Optical Medical Technology 29 25 OnStar by GM 60 41 Pulsara 37 21 Rosco Inc 49 39 Shippert Medical Technologies 30 27 Simulaids Inc 30 30 Simulaids Inc 47 37 Stryker EMS 7 13 Teleflex, Inc. 2 10 TransLite, LLC 30 28 Western Carolina University 46 36 World Trauma Symposium 35 ZOLL 13 17

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