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JAN 2015

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888.448.1238 | AironUSA.com pNeuton ™ model S ventilator with CPAP p N e u t o n ™ m o d e l S MACS ™ Stand-alone CPAP pNeuton ™ mini Neonate to pediatric ventilator with nCPAP CPAP + VentilAtion. All in one. With the pNeuton model S you'll be prepared for any emergency respiratory situation. The ventilator has built-in CPAP, provides adult/pediatric volume or bi-level pressure ventilation as well as mask CPAP ventilation. Pure pneumatic technology eliminates batteries. And it's real easy to use. Learn more about Airon's respiratory devices for EMS. Visit AironUSA.com today. Be PrePAred. For Anything. Discover the pNeuton model S ventilator with CPAP. NEWS NETWORK THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE EMERGENCY MEDICAL Services Officials (NASEMSO) has developed draft legislation— the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct (REPLICA)—through which states will share licensure authority related to EMS personnel. Enactment of this draft language as state law would make it pos- sible for an individual licensed in one state to enjoy immediate legal recognition in every other state that enacts the same legislation. Dia Gainor, MPA, executive director for NASEMSO, discussed this during the EMS World Expo in November. Her session "One License, Multiple States: The Interstate Compact for EMS Personnel Licensure" detailed the provisions and conditions within the com- pact and assessed its utility for EMS agencies operating on a mul- tistate basis. Interstate compacts are already common—think driver's licenses, the nurse licensure compact, EMAC and about 200 others—and a constitutionally granted right of the states. Gainor said the com- pact would enable EMS personnel to function in another state on both an unanticipated and a regular basis, and would allow states to work together to more easily share resources in times of need. The compact is designed to achieve the following: • Increase public access to EMS personnel; • Enhance the state's ability to protect the public's health and safety, especially patient safety; • Encourage the cooperation of member states in the areas of EMS personnel licensure and regulation; • Support licensing of military members who are separating from an active-duty tour and their spouses; • Facilitate the exchange of information between member states regarding EMS personnel licensure, adverse action and sig- nificant investigatory information; • Promote compliance with the laws governing EMS personnel practice in each member state; and • Invest all member states with the authority to hold EMS per- sonnel accountable through the mutual recognition of member state licenses. The compact is currently in states' hands in its final form. All it takes is for state legislatures to propose the idea and pass it as a bill, with the state governor subsequently signing it into law. —Staff Proposed Interstate EMS Licensure Compact Making the Rounds For more information on REPLICA, and to review the model legislation, visit www. nasemso.org/Projects/InterstateCompacts/index.asp. For More Information Circle 27 on Reader Service Card

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