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EMSWORLD.com | FEBRUARY 2019 45 AMR didn't think it was reasonable, and they came up with this ballot initiative." "We were working with AMR in a legis- lative solution to off-duty meal periods for private-sector companies that pro- vide public safety," echoes Bollini. "But without the liability portion, they walked away from the table and authored Prop 11." AMR's Response AMR disputes the assembly member's ver- sion of events. "Since Mr. Rodriguez was an AMR employee at the time he introduced AB-263, and therefore a potential future plaintiff on this issue, it would have been unethical for us to make such an agree- ment," says Sorrick. "Not only was no such agreement ever made, AB-263 was still an active bill for almost a year after Prop 11 was submitted to the attorney general. Mr. Rodri- guez could have put AB-263 up for vote at any time but chose not to because he could not get the votes to pass it, since it put the interests of trial lawyers above patient care." In a statement that calls the motiva- tions of AMR's EMTs into question, Sorrick also says, "What Mr. Rodriguez and the unions really wanted was to not be on call during breaks and to not be interrupted for an emergency, even if that meant a patient's life was at risk." The Takeaway The notion that AMR's EMTs would rather put a patient's life at risk than be disturbed on their breaks is one that runs counter to the ethics of EMTs in gen- eral. (It also seems unlikely that AMR's recruiters would hire EMTs who have a fundamental disregard for their com- pany's published mission statement: Our mission is to be patient focused, customer- centered and caregiver-inspired—making a difference by caring for people in need.) This said, backing Prop 11 does appear to put AMR in a better position to deal with its lawsuits. If so, spending $30 mil- lion to save $100 million could prove to be a very good business decision indeed. ABOUT THE AUTHOR James Careless is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to EMS World. MORE ONLINE! An in-depth look at the EMS infrastructure, oversight, salaries, and culture of the Golden State: https://emsworld.com/article/ 1221949/state-department- california

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