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44 JANUARY 2019 | EMSWORLD.com TRAINING AND EDUCATION members have or have not taken certain cla s ses . It 's al so self-paced, allowing students to create a path that's suited for their needs. "Take learning to accurately read an EKG, for example—you don't just pick that up reading 25 or 30 EKGs," says Becker. "There isn't enough time to go back over multiple EKGs, so an online format is a good way to do it." Top Training Needs F o r E M S a g e n c i e s digital platforms of fer oppor tunities to develop more robust recer tification tracking tools, distribute new training content widely and quickly, and provide real-time tracking of training. Peter Antev y, MD, EMS medical direc- tor for the Coral Springs Fire Department, Davie Fire Rescue, Southwest Ranches Fire Rescue and American Ambulance in Florida, says he values two key things in an online learning system: 1) high-quality training content and 2) a ready distribu- tion channel that provides suppor t for medical directors like him to quickly reach many people in dispersed locations with important training information. "I work in Palm Beach County, which is the largest county east of the Mississippi. We have 1,500 medics at more than 50 stations. I also work at a private ambu - lance company where we have another 400 employees dispersed all over the count y, which means I'm working with about 2,000 medics at any time," Antev y says. "So if we change a protocol, we need a way to quickly educate ever yone about it. For example, right now we're working with a shortage of ketamine, which means we're purcha sing it in a dif ferent con- centration and have to mix it differently. I need a way to tell all my medics this. It needs to be of fered in a way they can watch it on their phones or at home or live at the base, and it needs to be trackable." Antev y see s a lot of oppor tunit y in online learning and training, including plat form s that s eamle s sly blend li ve l e a r n i n g a n d m e e t the needs for mobile- f rien dly co ntent an d interaction. "I think the key is cre- ating a combination of quality live learning offered remotely with the ability for an agency to track it, store it, and have people watch it offline," Antev y says. "Even with online learning, I think people still want to feel a connection to a person who is there live, which is ver y powerful." The shift in EMS continuing education has implications for EMS professionals, quality of care, and the profession as a whole in terms of credibility. "When we moved to the National Registry requirements, we needed to do more live education for our organization, as well as the other organizations we train," says James DiClemente, paramedic program director at Pro EMS.

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