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PRODUCT APPLICATIONS FROM THE FIELD SPONSORED CONTENT 46 NOVEMBER 2018 | EMSWORLD.com Gone are the days when you had no choice but to manually lift patients off the ground to a stretcher. This type of physical labor has left many EMS providers with back injuries impacting their ability to work efficiently in the field and has even forced some to per- manently leave EMS. Don Woolem, battalion chief and chief medical officer of Affton Fire Protection District in St. Louis, says his department wanted to find a lifting device that would reduce back injuries. After researching dif- ferent brands, leaders decided the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift-500-E was the most logi- cal choice. "I don't think we've had one injury since," says Woolem. "Our crews have used the IndeeLift multiple times since our pur- chase and reported they may have been in situations of potential injury if not for the HFL-500." Patients feel secure during transport with built-in waist and chest belts. The three-way beveled seat makes it easy to slide patients on, and the device is made of stainless steel, allowing it to endure years of use. "It helps lift the patient to the stretcher height and puts less strain on our crews," Woolem says. He reports it's also better for older patients because it lifts them more slowly than other devices, reducing the diz- ziness some of them are prone to. Weighing only 50 lbs., the HFL-500-E is a compact tool that can be stored in an ambu- lance. It safely lifts patients who weigh up to 500 lbs. from both sitting and lying positions on a stretcher or backboard. The HFL-500-E is powder-coated for easy decontamination. Woolem highly recommends agencies try out the IndeeLift—neighboring districts that have seen his agency use the device have been so impressed with its utility that they're looking into purchasing their own. "It's cost-effective," says Woolem. "We like to view it as another tool in the toolbox. We, like so many other EMS services, like to give our crews options." Visit www.indeelift.com Circle 19 on the Product Information Card Rugged Construction Guarantees Years of Safe Lifts Communicating patient data to receiv- ing hospitals over different platforms, cell phones, and radios squanders precious time that can be used to tend to patients. This is especially problematic when saving min- utes and even seconds is vital for a patient's outcome. If your agency is seeking a more stream- lined communication process, Pulsara's mobile app could be your solution. "Our regional group was looking at improv- ing our data and approach to time-sensitive emergencies, and we kept coming back to Pulsara as the one-stop solution," says David Edgar, assistant chief of EMS in West Des Moines, Iowa. After evaluating multiple startup companies offering similar solutions, the region's EMS, hospitals, and physicians decided on Pulsara and implemented the app's Stroke Alert, Cardiac Alert, and Gen- eral Alerts. Whether you're inputting patient data for a sprained ankle or a stroke, Pulsara's user- friendly interface makes it quick and easy. The company's data shows that providers only spend seconds on the app, and the standardized system sends the information quickly to the receiving facility. "Key benefits to EMS are concise com- munication and improved information shar- ing, such as pictures of medication lists or 12-leads," says Edgar. "From a patient-care standpoint, we are seeing quicker door-to- CT and door-to-cath-lab times." Providers can also send facilities photos of patients' licenses to be entered into their registration ahead of their arrival. Pulsara's standardized approach main- tains communications between hospitals and EMS agencies. Edgar says it resolves the issue of communication breakdowns. "Pulsara is a huge step in improving this [issue] with precise and consistent informa- tion sharing," he says. "I view the Pulsara app as one of the most important communica- tion tools I have seen in the industry during my career. The possibilities are endless for how this could improve patient care." Pulsara is free to EMS agencies—they just have to onboard their stakeholders by informing them of the benefits, a process the company helps agencies walk through. "To be successful with Pulsara, you have to have key people in EMS, hospitals, and physician groups who will be champions for moving into this platform," Edgar says. "The biggest issue you'll face is change manage- ment—use of the app is the simple part!" Visit www.pulsara.com Circle 25 on the Product Information Card Precise and Consistent Information Sharing

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