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PRODUCT APPLICATIONS FROM THE FIELD SPONSORED CONTENT 44 NOVEMBER 2018 | EMSWORLD.com Providers endure a lot of bumps and bruises delivering their everyday care, but perhaps no task is physically riskier than lifting a patient. Patients who need such assistance are rarely in great positions for it, and even on a bed their weight or move- ment could threaten the integrity of lifters' backs and body parts. That was true in Pittsburgh as it is every- where. But last year Lt. Chad Hirosky of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire discovered a solu- tion: the Binder Lift, a handled torso wrap that lets multiple team members lift togeth- er using better ergonomics that reduce their likelihood of injury. "Most people who are infirm or overweight are just incredibly difficult to lift—you're always worried about shoulder and other types of injuries," Hirosky says. "But using the Binder Lift reduces all that planning and risk to where it's not a big deal." Available in standard and bariatric sizes, the Binder Lift comes in nylon and vinyl. The former is constructed with Cordura 1,000-denier nylon and polypropylene web strapping for the handles; its removable leg straps are 100% impervious to bodily flu- ids and quickly decontaminable, and the wrap's core is machine-washable. The latter is constructed with Bondcote vinyl-coated polyester with similarly resistant handles and leg straps. Hirosky obtained a demo model and let crews use it, then gauged their opinions. He ended up with more than 100 incidents and input from several dozen members, and their verdict was overwhelmingly positive. "There are two aspects that are really beneficial," Hirosky says. "One, you have control of the patient. Even if they become unconscious and just fold at the knees, you're still able to easily lower them to the ground without any injury to the patient or yourself. And two is the number of handles. It has handles enough for multiple people to be able to manipulate it. "People may be jammed between the toi- let and wall, where it's almost impossible to manipulate them. But as long as you can get it around their torso, you can use that to kind of slide and jockey them out a bit, then put the leg straps on once you're in a more open area." There's no hard data, but anecdotally the Binder Lift seems to be helping reduce inju- ries and strain on bureau caregivers. Mostly it's made difficult scenes easier. "You see some of these situations and think, This is going to be a nightmare," Hirosky says. "It turns a nightmare call into a real simple call." Visit www.binderlift.com Circle 26 on the Product Information Card No More Nightmare Lifts Interviews with end users of EMS products and services When the EMS division of the Provo (Utah) Fire Department sought to upgrade its front-line and reserve ambulance fleet across all five stations with new patient transport equipment three years ago, it per- formed the thorough due diligence of any discerning consumer considering a large purchase—speaking with users of compet- ing models, reading reviews, soliciting input from vendors and field staff, and scheduling demos with a range of leading products on the market. In the end the agency arrived at the Power-Pro XT from Stryker. "We liked the reliability," says EMS Division Capt. Dean York, who handles operations for the busy and growing 9-1-1 and transport provider that runs more than 8,000 calls a year. "There seemed to be fewer issues with them, and the positive reviews made them the overwhelming choice." And after outfitting the fleet, training staff on their use, and experiencing the company's customer service, York has no misgivings about his choice. "Stryker is committed to working with us on our timeline," York says, adding that eas- ing the load on providers' bodies is the major benefit of the equipment. "We love that they save our back." "We couldn't be more thrilled with the cus- tomer service," York says of Stryker's consis- tent record of returning calls and resolving any issues quickly and reliably. "There's not a medic [in our unit] who would want to go back." Visit www.stryker.com Circle 17 on the Product Information Card A Safer Choice for Improved Patient Transport

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