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OCT 2018

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40 OCTOBER 2018 | EMSWORLD.com MOBILE STROKE CARE hospital closer to their home and may only need the IV medicine. Why bring some- one to a hospital that's farther from their house when they don't need to? You want to do that for the right reasons. There has to be trust among the healthcare provid- ers. That's ver y important." In addition to advanta ges in patient care, the MSU has contributed to improv- ing interhospital relations. "It breaks down political barriers," says Stiefel. "Medicine is a business. There are different hospitals that belong to differ- ent net work s . Ever ybod y want s to do what's best for the patient, so regardless of the networks they belong to, they want to be a part of the MSU. I think it has bro- ken down those barriers and reminded us of why we got into this, which is really caring for the patient." In te r m s o f m a k i n g te c h n o lo g i c al imp rovem ent s w ith th e MSU, th e C T scanner currently only reaches a patient's upper cer vical spine, so Stiefel would like to see the machine receive ad vanced i m a gi n g c ap ab ili ti e s to d e te r m i n e i f endova s cular care is needed. Patrick Sorells, RN, the MSU team nurse, hopes the technology within the vehicle will get smaller to make more room for the team to provide care. More important, however, Sorells would like the cost of the trucks to decrease to make them available to more populations. In the meantime, though, he says local EMS providers should utilize the MSU's provisions. "It 's a re s o u rce that 's avail ab le to them," says Sorells. "Even if they're not sure if the patient is having a stroke, we're still an extra set of resources that has a lot of experience we bring to the team." The MSU crew recommended the download- able app RACE, for Rapid Arterial Occlu- sion Evaluation, as a tool to assist provid- ers during stroke assessments. Stiefel a grees , s tres sing the impor- tance of prehospital care providers' role in stroke care. "I think EMS is probably one of the most integral parts of a stroke team. Even though they're not in a hospital, they are our eyes and ears," he says. "I tell EMS this all the time. They can initiate the stroke ser vice just as quickly and with the same degree of confidence I can. So EMS [providers] understanding the nuances of stroke and what each hospital of fers is going to make the biggest difference for that patient." ABOUT THE AUTHOR Valerie Amato, EMT, is assistant editor for EMS World. Contac t her at vamato@emsworld.com. 888-458-6546 3121 Millers Lane Louisville, KY 40216 Tel: 502-775-8303 Fax: 502-772-0548 S A F E T Y A P P L I A N C E C O M P A N Y www.junkinsafety.com PROUDLY MANUFAC TURED IN THE USA 300 Series Lightweight Basket-Type Stretchers Lightweight Basket-Type Stretchers JSA-300-W without Leg Divider JSA-333-A Stretcher Kit Kit includes JSA-300 series stretcher, bridle sling and two safety blankets. Without accessories, order JSA-300-A Lightweight Basket-Type Stretcher only. JSA-300 with Leg Divider PREVENT MESSY BODILY FLUID CLEAN UPS. (A) Extra Wide Opening. 6" wide, rigid collar makes it easy to use, even with one hand. (B) Won't Leak or Spill. Inner-valve seals contents and odors in. Won't leak even if dropped. (C) Hand Protection. Outer sleeve protects against infectious splatter. Helps Comply with OSHA 29 CFR. Isolates Bloodborne Pathogens, in bloody body fluids. Disposable. No messy, contaminated clean ups. Made in U.S.A. for over 25 yrs. This is how we ensure our high quality standards, and customer satisfaction. CONVENIENCE BAG BRAND TM For a free sample contact: GKR Industries, Inc., 13653 S. Kenton Ave., Crestwood, IL 60445 or call 800 -526-7879 www.GKRindustries.com For Vomit and Urine Collection A C B Over 25 Million Sold For More Information Circle 34 on Reader Service Card For More Information Circle 35 on Reader Service Card

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