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OCT 2018

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32 OCTOBER 2018 | EMSWORLD.com WOMEN'S HEALTH pyramid of neonatal resuscitation. Maybe you need to establish a UVC (umbilical venous catheter) and push epinephrine, or possibly initiate deep tracheal suction- ing or an advanced air way, as the mid- wife team continues resuscitation. This information will not be a scer tained if EMS swoops in, scoops up the baby, and runs out the door. Step 3—The goal is comanagement. A midwife ha s been caring for this patient for most if not her entire preg- nanc y. The midwife knows the moth- er's current and pa st medical histor y, blood t ype, la st sonogram, and much more; midwives are also experienced in resuscitation and management of diffi- cult deliveries. If we as EMS providers do not approach the patient from a perspec- tive of comanagement, we will miss an opportunity to provide continuity of care. Step 4—Transport the team. In a true emergency the lead midwife should accompany you to the hospital in the back of the ambulance. Not only is this a way to reassure the patient, but it keeps the midwife accessible for care purposes. The midwife knows all about this patient medically, psychologically, and what led to the need for EMS. Leaving the midwife behind will interrupt conti- nuity of care. Conclusion Medicine is ever-changing. In EMS flex- ibility is one of many cornerstones that comprise a great provider. I urge you to learn more about these fellow caregivers. Find out who practices in your area and what your state laws governing scope of practice are; tour a birth center. Take this new camaraderie a step further and host a joint training. Jennifer Lee Worth, a famous midwife in the East End of London, said, "Love is the ver y stuff of life." Let the love of your profession guide you to making it better than you found it. RESOURCES 1. Doyle K. Out-of-hospital births on the rise in U.S. Scientifi c American, www.scientifi camerican.com/article/out-of- hospital-births-on-the-rise-in-u-s/. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jessica Arno, NRP, CPM, is a paramedic, midwife, instruc tor, and public speaker who has been training the U.S. militar y since 2004 in combat, fl ight, and critical care prehospital medicine. Visit her website at www.combatmidwife.com. For More Information Circle 27 on Reader Service Card

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