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OCT 2018

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26 OCTOBER 2018 | EMSWORLD.com COVER REPORT: UNIQUE JOB SETTINGS environmental supervision expand the scope of the job and can clear the way for career advancement. "From day one, you're considered one of the people in charge," Montgomery says. "You spend most of your time operating like a primary care physician." Medics also take the lead in mandatory safety meetings, educating the crew on topics as diverse as sus- pension injuries, flu prevention, and electrocution. If you're considering this unique line of work, finding a position may not be as difficult as you think, Montgomery says. While net- working in this niche is still very much driven by word of mouth, "The truth is that there are lots of opportunities, and these companies are dying for help." The Right Temperament for the Trade While EMS providers share many personality traits and skill sets, these out-of-the-box job environments carry specific requirements, and not everyone will be a seamless fit. "They don't want the trauma junkie," Montgomery says of the operators of oil platforms, as so much of the work can be adminis- trative in nature. "You can't have an ego, and you have to get along well with others. People don't realize how much of this is actually customer service." Be calm and confident, not cocky, and hone your patience and people skills. "Get really good at what you want to do, and be a quiet profes- sional," Hudson adds of following your passion. "Get your funda- mentals wired tight. Reach out, make connections, but don't boast. Let your attitude and your skills do the talking. The opportunities will present themselves." ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jonathan Bassett is editorial director for EMS World. Reach him at jon@emsworld.com. Mike Hudson (left) with celebrity chef Guy Fieri on the set of Discovery Channel's "Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy" in the Bahamas. Veinlite EMS PRO ® dŚĞhůƟŵĂƚĞsĞŝŶĐĐĞƐƐĞǀŝĐĞ ĨŽƌŵĞƌŐĞŶĐLJ Patent Number US 7,874,698 B2 • ®Registered Trademark of TransLite, LLC. Designed and manufactured in the USA. www.veinlite.com Integrated white exam light for low-light situaƟ ons tured in the USA. For More Information Circle 22 on Reader Service Card

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