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28 AUGUST 2018 | EMSWORLD.com BONUS CONTENT: HEALTHCARE INTEGRATION ment and calls to the 9-1-1 system so we can monitor progress and setbacks for our members, recognize trends of con- cern (e.g., subs tance abus e ac ti v it y), and follow up w hen us a ge increa ses . Our communit y par tners have acces s to our records via business agreements and memoranda of under s tanding to access our patient data and notes; they refer to our program based on specific criteria defined for each partner. We are, however, able to limit information access to our par tners based on their specific agreements and protect sensitive infor- mation when appropriate. This p l at fo r m allow s cros s-s e c to r, communit y wide care teams to be built around any issue: diabetes or "doesn't have money for food" or "no ride to the doctor"—all the issues EMS encounters ever y day but has few ways to help. According to the CDC's A Comprehen- sive Technical Package for the Preven- tion of Youth Violence And Associated Risk Behaviors, "Dealing proactively and sustaining an effort with difficult issues t y pic ally involve s multiple s trategie s and approaches and cannot be accom- plished by the public health sector alone. Other vital sec tors include education, healthcare (mental, behavioral, medi- cal), justice, government (local, state, and federal), social ser vices, business, housing, media, and organizations that comprise the civil societ y sector, such a s faith - b a s e d o r ganiz atio n s , yo u th - ser ving organizations, foundations, and other nongovernmental organizations. Collectively these sectors can make a dif ference by collaborating to impac t the various contexts and underlying con- tributing risks." Our IT platform enables all these orga- nizations to work together and deliver better healthcare at a lower cost. It allows for the incorporation of any best practice protocol, networking all involved entities to track processes, flow, resources, and outcomes. It even supports telemedicine in the workflow. EMS Integration Our IT ser vice, which is manufactured by Julota, is truly a "whole-community" platform, not just an EMS-siloed proposal we're asking other partners to use. EMS is simply one point of contact. Although the foundations for the system originated in Colorado Springs, its full rollout occurred in Redmond, Wash., in August 2017. Now there are 20 cities in three counties, cen- tered around Seattle, that have either signed up or are in the process. Many EMS agencies ask how they can become par t of this platform and how exactly the interface works. The platform can inter face with almost any t ype of existing system. As just one example, the platform has completed an integration with ESO Solutions, a leading vendor with more than 17,000 EMS clients. This allows The National EMS Management Association's EMS Officer Credentialing Program Differentiate Yourself Lead Excel Paramedic Officer certifications! Supervisor (SPO) Manager (MPO) Executive (Fellow) 3 LEVELS OF Obtaining a professional certification from the American College of Paramedic Executives demonstrates to current and future employers that you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be a leader in our field. Obtaining the Managing Paramedic Officer credential reaffirms my commitment to advancing paramedicine as a profession. Meeting educational and professional requirements was a personal challenge for me, that I hope to see become a goal of other EMS managers. Furthering myself personally and professionally is the first step of me helping to bring change to the industry. With ACPE and NEMSMA leading the way, I am excited for the future of paramedicine. For more information visit https://nemsma.candidatecare.jobs/ Vinnie Derosa, MONOC, New Jersey

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