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AUG 2018

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EMSWORLD.com | AUGUST 2018 27 making it accessible from any where. The product is task-generating and task-track- able, is HIPAA-compliant, and interfaces easily with all stakeholders in patient care and navigation. The program lies like an IT "blanket" over the top of existing individual systems and allows each entit y to hook into the process in an inexpensive manner, not requiring anyone to replace or modif y their existing IT system. Since 2017 we have been able to tailor several of our s ystem's features to the sp ecific needs of our program. The s e include interaction types, SOAP note abili- ties, uploading documents, and building navigation reminders for staff to help meet the expectations of our administration and partners. It is a true partnership and allows the product to develop into something both specific and universal. The system is set up universally to allow data analysts to collect specific data but remains mal- leable enough to allow staff to document the specifics of an interaction. This platform has been an essential tool in making our jobs manageable and ensur- ing we document interactions with mem- bers of our program and community part- ners appropriately and in a timely manner. The software allows us to track data and repor t on specific key per formance indi- cators important to our partners, as well as identif y and define the population our program works for most ef fectively. We can mana ge ca seloads ef ficiently and easily calculate how long someone has been in our program. We can complete intakes and solicit consent electronically and virtually eliminate any need for paper files and downloading char t documents to send to other parties. Furthermore, we now have the ability to document visits to the emergency depart- We all k n ow th e r e i s a b e h av i o r al /m e n t al h e alth (B MH) cr i s i s i n th e U n i te d St ate s . St ate s a n d th e f e d e r al gove r n - m e n t a r e i n c r e a s i n g f u n d i n g to ad d r e s s i t . We c a n u s e n e w te c h n o lo g y to c r e ate c a r e te a m s to ad d r e s s a n y B MH i s s u e. T h e r e ar e f u n d s av ail ab le f o r l aw e n f o r ce m e n t to cr e ate B MH r e s p o n s e te am s , an d m any LE a ge n ci e s ar e al s o s i g n i n g u p. M o d e r n p l at f o r m s h ave th e c ap ab ili t y to h an d le d i f f i cu lt co n s e n t an d p r i v ac y i s s u e s , HIPA A , an d 42 CFR Par t 2 (b e h av i o r al h e alth /s u b s t an ce ab u s e p r i v ac y an d s e cu r i t y) co n ce r n s s e cu r e ly. —Vi c to ria Alle n -San ch e z an d E. Stei n B ro ns k y Behavioral Mental Health For More Information Circle 23 on Reader Service Card

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